6 Remarkable Ways An Advertising Film Production Company Can Boost Your Brand

Video production has become an essential part of PR. From event filming to appealing and attention grabbing new video releases, video production can help a business or brand in plenty of ways that are super-effective. It certainly helps a brand stand out from the crowd.
Without further ado, let us discuss 6 spectacular ways a professional advertising film production company can boost your business profile.

Strengthen your online press release

Assuming that a press release is truly exciting; introducing a video to the package spices up its impact and increases the opportunities for greater exposure. This is how:

  • A perfectly aligned video package can reinforce the core message of your press release story in an engaging way.
  • Videos are easier to connect and share. As a result, it can be spread easily through blogs, micro-blogs, forums and viral emails, generating a good buzz about the story.
  • Videos can attract greater attention from the search engines such as Google, particularly when supported by strong keywords and SEO optimization.

Video news release (VNR) for boosted results

You can opt for a video news release (VNR), which is a press release in the video format. It has a small time frame and can be distributed to TV channels for broadcasting during the news programs. Moreover, your VNR is backed by striking footage, strong interviews, quality content and powerful sound bites. This kind of new release is super-effective if you have an upcoming launch event or have a new research finding that you want to advertise.

Turn your website or blog more entertaining and engaging

You can make your clients and new business prospects aware of your new video contents available on your blog or website. It’s a production tool that can be used by expert advertising video production houses in countless ways to present your credentials as an effective, creative PR promotion; or add an extra layer of personality to your brand to help it stand out to your prospective clients: Here’s how you can use this video powerhouse:

  • Upload a show reel of impressive campaigns created recently
  • Carry out small interviews to introduce your key personnel.
  • Create a video tour of your company office.
  • Share video testimonials from existing customers.
  • Create some “how to…” videos to show your proficiency.

Create spectacular moments at events or a powerful introduction to a conference

You could create a dramatic montage for awards ceremonies. The expertise of professional advertising video production houses can bring an extra element to the events; helping your brand obtain instant recognition, acclaims. You can present information about your product, service or heritage in a glorious fashion through an emotional cinematic package. The video can then be changed into a DVD show reel or web cast, at the end of the show, for later use too.

Have a blast with guerrilla video marketing

YouTube offers the opportunity to capitalize with effective guerrilla marketing ads. These ads are the best ways to attract attention from the newspapers and TV news, as well as improving the ranking of your website. Creating a solid video and uploading it to a super popular site like YouTube is very cheap, and the product exposure can be amazing. You can even communicate directly with your audiences and understand the response of your clients and users too.

“Wow” you potential clients with well-pitched video contents

Every day, new technological tools are being introduced to the market. As a result, solely depending on an orthodox PowerPoint presentation doesn’t look that attractive anymore. Brands that want to strengthen their progressive approach needs to think and re-invest in smarter ways to present to clients. A quality video produced by an expert advertising film Production Company has all the pedigree needed to “wow” your clients and help the PR agencies grow their business faster. Video package supported by Vox Pops, taking-head interviews and montages of news coverage can capture all the essence of a product and client testimonials. Instead of the boring static tables and data, motion graphics can breathe in to your facts and figures new leash of life.


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