Bigfoot Productions provides end to end solutions for any film production requirements that you might have, with in-depth experience in each phase of a project cycle. Most pictures that you see of Bigfoot are quite blurry. This annoyed Bigfoot quite a bit. Pulling focus can’t be that hard! So Bigfoot decided to create non-blurry stories through films and slowly but surely film making turned from a hobby to a passion. And then the entrepreneur bug bit him…
multiple times through a hot and humid night in the forest.

Bigfoot is a native of the Pacific Northwest but when he decided to start a production house, he thought Bengaluru would be a much better place to do it in. After all, Bengaluru is both a Garden and a Valley city,
terrains that Bigfoot loves equally.

Bigfoot is an artist, a conceptual one at that, who’s appeal is his absence. The magic of Bigfoot is what happens when people aren’t looking. But film making needs a more real-world presence, so for Bigfoot Productions, a crack team was hired to handle the creative and logistical operations, while Bigfoot pursues his goal of being the longest reigning, undefeated hide-and-seek world champion.

So if you’re looking for an awesome set of filmmakers for your next project, Bigfoot recommends Bigfoot Productions. We promise high-quality, non-blurry, exciting and engaging films to tell your brand’s story.
Believe in Bigfoot, he believes in you!

About Us

About Us